I am Dona Enchilada de la Mazda

When I was 12 my mother took me to see The Man of La Mancha at a local university. To tell you the truth, all I really remember of it was the fact the lead character rode around the stage on a stick horse and a little guy followed him around. That being said, I am sure the play was great and moving and lovely. It must be because I have had a desire to read the book ever since.

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza by Antonio Saura

Don Quijote by Antonio Saura

Unfortunately the book is rather long and I have a short attention span. But the beginning goes something like this: A man in 1800-ish Spain becomes obsessed with books about chivalry. He trades his highly valuable land for the books and ignores his affairs to voraciously reads them. It gets to the point that he believes that he is a knight and in order to complete his knighthood, he renames himself Don Quixote and his poor horse Rocinante. He then fashions that his neighbor is a damsel named Dulcinea and by the end of the first chapter he “sallies forth” on his first adventure. So I’ve decided I’m going to do the same thing.

My Damsel Name: Gordita (unfortunately given to me by a Spanish speaking man who named my friends Bonita and Blanqueita)
My Knight: Don Nocturna, The Man of The Munchies.
My Steed: Mazdatazo
My First Adventure: Sallying forth into blog-land in the hopes of finding out what I want to be when I grow up. All I know is that I’m certainly not there yet.

Although Don Quixote is a sad book (I’m told. I’m still only two chapters and it is mostly funny) I find myself envying him. I love to lose myself in books and I almost wish I could enter into Pride and Prejudice’s Longbourn or Hunger Games’ Panem and never have to leave.

But I really want to hear from you. How does your story begin?


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